A high performance, compact and light-weight system. The LDR-4N is capable of designating up to 5 km using any user-defined codes, with excellent beam quality and stable bore sight over the full temperature range.


  • Ground Laser Target Designation


  • Acquires target coordinates by measuring Range, Elevation and Azimuth Angle to the target with respect to LDR-4N
  • Designates a target for laser-guided weapon homing on the laser spot

Technical Specifications:

Supply voltage 24 V
Field of View of Telescope 4.5°
 Magnification of Telescope X13
Cooling Pump Liquid Flow
LRF Range 10 Km
Energy > 70mJ
Laser Beam Collimated Diameter 48 mm
Divergence ≤0.35mrad
DES Frequency 10-21 Hertz
Laser Pulse Width 25nsec
Azimuth 360 Degree (1-6400) mils
Elevation (Up) 28.5 Degree (0-499) mils
Elevation (Down) 28.5 Degree (0-499) mils
Battery Type Ni-Cd
Lasing Cycle Upto 90 sec
Weight 11.7 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 36 x 34 x 17 cm

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